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M Opportunity for HS Community Service

OYA needs volunteers for all events/sports activities throughout all of our seasons. This includes basketball games, softball games and Tournaments.  

The organization needs students to work as hall monitors at the schools during Volleyball/Basketball games.  This is a great opportunity to earn community service hours. You can sign up with a friend as 2 students will be schedule per commitment. Hours will be given on a first come first served basis. The available times and locations are posted below. Scroll all the way down.
Pick your dates and email to as soon as possible. Check this schedule often in case there are any changes.

You must follow these instructions: (if you don’t you will not get scheduled)

After you look over the locations and dates that are still available, select several dates that you are available. Email        OYAVolunteerMe@yahoo.com
... In the email give your first and last name and your Sandburg/Providence/Andrew student #. List the locations and dates that you are available. Provide an general idea of how many dates you would like to be scheduled for -and- what location you prefer. If you want to be scheduled with a friend, you should add their name and student #.

OYA-Girls will return your email with the dates you are assigned.  NEW DATES WILL ALSO BE ADDED BELOW & are TBA

Once you are assigned you are responsible to be there on approximately 5 minutes early and to stay for the entire scheduled time. Take it serious. 

The final schedule is be posted here, so check it frequently. Your job description for hall monitor is posted below this schedule.

Please read it completely.

School/ Event Location  Date Start Time End time Volunteer 1  Volunteer 2  
23-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM S-180395 **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 24-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM S-210966 S-211026  
Century 25-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM S-210656 S-210856YP  
Century 26-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM S-210856YP **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 27-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM JM **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 30-Oct 7:00 PM 10:00 PM KP **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 1-Nov 7:00 PM 10:00 PM S-210656 **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 2-Nov 7:00 PM 10:00 PM ************1st spot still open********** **********2nd spot still open**********  
Century 3-Nov 7:00 PM 10:00 PM JM 2nd spot still open  
Century 8-Nov XXXXXXX XXXXXXX S-210656*(Cancelled and Rescheduled)XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX  
Century  27-Nov 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 27-Nov 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  28-Nov 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 28-Nov 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  29-Nov 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 29-Nov 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  30-Nov 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 30-Nov 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  1-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 1-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  4-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 4-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Meadow Ridge 5-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  6-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 6-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Meadow Ridge 7-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  8-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 8-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  11-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 11-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  12-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 12-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  13-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 13-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Meadow Ridge 14-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  15-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 15-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  18-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 18-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Meadow Ridge 19-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Meadow Ridge 20-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  21-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 21-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  22-Dec 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 22-Dec 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  9-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 9-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  10-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 10-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  11-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 11-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  16-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 16-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  17-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 17-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  18-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 18-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      
Century  19-Jan 7:00pm  10:00pm      
Meadow Ridge 19-Jan 6:15pm  9:30pm      

Hall Monitor Job Description--Remember this is an important job--BE RESPONSIBLE. OYA-G will be monitoring the schools frequently to confirm your attendance and will send a verification to your respective school's Community Service faculty-coordinator.

1. Be on Time. When you arrive go to the gym and introduce yourself to one of the coaches. Sign in on their scorebook page, or the equivalent per sport, for that night’s game. Make sure you do this--this is documentation that you were there.  DO NOT ASK THE JANITOR TO SIGN YOUR FORM.  THE OYA-G STAFF OR EVENT COACH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SIGNING YOU IN AND ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION!

2. Two students are scheduled each night.  One student is stationed at the door, the other in the hallway. The outside doors are to remain closedDo not prop open. If parents and players arrive late you will need to let them in. You are there to let them in and out. Be attentive. If only one person is scheduled or shows up, you should position yourself at the door.

3. Only water is allowed in the gyms. Food and sports drinks are prohibited.

4. Hallway student-Locate yourself where you can monitor the hallways and bathroomsYou are the hall monitors and should make sure everyone is following the rules. Kids are not to be roaming the halls and they are to be accompanied to the bathrooms by their parents. They are not to go near the classrooms.

5. Politely convey the rules. Do not get into an altercation with anyone--if you need assistance, ask for help from one of the coaches.

6. Before you leave check the bathrooms. Report anything that looks out of place to the janitor.
Thank you